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Welding services

The best welders with many years of experience and appropriate qualifications, modern equipment and a wide offer range – LHM provides welding services at the highest level!

We have everything necessary to perform professional welding services!

Our LHM company holds WPQR welding qualifications according to ISO, ASME, NORSOK and AWE standards.


We meet the quality requirements for welding metal materials in accordance with PN-EN ISO 3834-2, while the welding process is supervised by the International Welding Engineer IWE in accordance with PN-EN ISO 14731.


Taking care of the highest quality of services, the process control is carried out at every stage of production. Thanks to this, we are able to quicly detect any defects and make the necessary  modifications.

We employ the best employees in the industry!

The welders we employ at LHM are certified according to ISO 9606 and ASME IX standards. Our specialists have over 10 years of experience in highly demanding industries, such as offshore and subsea.


Thanks to this, each client’s project is a challenge, which they successfully face!

We specialize in aluminum, steel and super duplex welding

The LHM company provides welding services for various types of materials.


We specialize in welding of:

  • carbon steel.
  • stainless steel,
  • super duplex,
  • aluminum.

In addition, we perform inconel 625 surfacing.

TIG, MIG and MAG welding

In our plant, we perform welding services using 3 main methods: MIG, MAG and TIG. We adjust the welding method each time to the customer’s project.


TIG welding consists in generating an electrical arc with the use of a tungsten electrode in an inert gas shield. It is used primarily where it is important to obtain an appropriate aesthetic effect (weld appearance). During TIG welding, the most often used materials are stainless steels, aluminum and steel sheets, as well as aluminum alloys.


MIG and MAG welding are quite similar. The power source generates an electrical impulse in both cases, which creates an arc between the welder  and the element being welded. When the arc melts the wire and the material being welded, a weld is formed. Shielding gas is also supplied from the welding torch.


The difference between the MIG and MAG methods is that in the former the gas is inert (does not participate in the welding process), while in the latter the gas is active (involves in the welding process).

Providing welding services at the highest level is our speciality!

Welding services offered by LHM are performed with the highest precision, using modern equipment. Each order is carried out with attention to every detail to achieve maximum compliance with the customer’s expectations.


We know perfectly well that our Partners appreciate the durability of welded elements and structures. For many entrepreneurs, however, the aesthetic value of workmanship, which we guarantee, is also important!

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