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Our vision and mission

Experience is a resource that can neither be bought nor replaced, and when combined with modern technologies and high production standards, it makes us the best choice!


LHM’s vision is to be the preferred and competitive supplier that presents reliability and high levels of performance to deliver high quality products on time to the benefit of our customers, employees and shareholders.

Sustainable Development Goals


LHM strives to act responsibly throughout the organization by managing its operations in a profitable and sustainable manner and by integrating social, environmental and ethical aspects into its production processes.

We strive for the sustainable development of our business while ensuring maximum safety, high quality products, reducing resource consumption along with continuous sustainable development throughout the value chain in consultation with our stakeholders.

Our mission

Meeting those standards and expectations for this type of machining is an everyday occurrence at LHM.

Understanding customer needs

In our company, we put the needs of the Client above all else. Every day, a team of highly qualified employees ensure the highest quality and prompt completion of implemented projects.

Revealing and development of the employee’s potential

We provide our employees with training programs aimed at improving their skills and acquiring new knowledge and education.

Taking care of the work environment

We are fully committed to creating a pleasant working environment for our employees. We know how important are personal relationships, bonds and a sense of belonging to a team.

Ensuring work-life balance

It is very important for us to provide the employees with work-life balance, which translates into greater job satisfaction.

Supporting employee development

We appreciate our employees and their contribution to the company’s operations. We put great commitment to their development, which is necessary to improve their qualifications and job satisfaction.nt system.

Feel free to contact us

If you have any questions about our company or our portfolio of services, feel free to contact us! You can call us, write an e-mail or fill out the contact form on the website. We are at your disposal!