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People are our greatest value! Join our group of employees and be part of an organization that focuses on development!

Why is it worth working for LHM?

LHM is a company that believes in the principle that employees are a great strength of the organization and it is worth taking care of them in every aspect. Regardless of the position held, age or personal preferences – each employee is respected and appreciated for their work and attitude. We invest in employee development, take part in CSR campaigns and ensure transparent communication within the company. In other words – we do everything to be an employee-friendly organization!

We focus on development

We invest in the development of employees, we make sure that they can continue their education and acquire new skills.

Employee safety is our priority

We care about the safety of each employee. We have created internal standards of conduct and we follow international standards.

We care about the well-being of employees

The well-being of our employees is very important to us. We all care about the atmosphere at work and good relations.

We say NO to discrimination!

We do not discriminate against anyone. We show respect to everyone and make sure that no one feels bad at work (both physically and mentally).

We adhere to the principle of work-life balance

We know perfectly well that a rested employee is an effective employee. Therefore, we try to maintain a balance between professional and private life.

We support and organize CSR actions

We are a conscious and socially responsible organization. We are happy to support CSR actions organized by the local community, and we also create own projects.

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    Technology allows people to make life and business easier, and we also take advantage of the available amenities. Of course, we accept inquiries in a traditional way, but we have additionally created a contact form for this purpose.

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