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Non-destructive testing

Non-destructive testing (NDT) is a very important part of the production process.
At LHM, we perform them many times, at various stages of product manufacturing. They include, among others, visual testing (VT), ultrasonic testing (UT) or penetration testing (PT).

NDT non-destructive testing at LHM

Non-destructive testing, which we perform in our company, deals with the study of the structure of products, while not affecting their usefulness in any way (hence the name).


Its main purpose is to detect material discontinuities, perform measurements, and evaluate material properties. Thanks to the testing, we can quickly detect any problems and solve them just as quickly.


We carry out non-destructive tests in accordance with EN/ISO/NORSOK standards, while taking into account the Customer’s requirements.

Types of non-destructive testing

At LHM we perform the following tests:


  • visual testing (VT),
  • penetration testing (PT),
  • radiographic testing (RT),
  • ultrasonic testing – thickness and cohesion measurements (UT),
  • magnetic particle testing (MT).


In addition, we also carry out the hardness measurement and material identification testing PMI.


What kind of non-destructive NDT tests we carry out is conditioned by several factors. The factors, among others, are eg. technological process applied to manufacture the tested facility, the current stage of manufacture, as well as the customer’s needs.


Therefore, whether we use radiographic examination, hardness examination or chemical composition examination is always analyzed seperately for each project.

Benefits of NDT non-destructive testing

Non-destructive testing, performed in a professional and expert manner, brings many benefits:


  • • they confirm the quality of products and guarantee their durability,
  • • allow minimization of costs related to possible production downtime,
  • • eliminate defective materials or elements from production,
  • • increase the degree of reliability of appliances and parts.


The tests performed at LHM are carried out by NDT 3rd degree engineers, using the most modern equipment. In our company, we make them not only at the manufacture stage, but also at every stage of production. This is due to the fact that NDT tests are highly effective and allow you to quickly detect material discontinuities or other irregularities.

We skilfully select the type of NDT method used

The non-destructive NDT tests we perform are always appropriately adapted to a construction or its parts. We carry out both “classic tests” and\modern NDT testing techniques.


We offer automatic and manual measurements. All this so that the tested material is checked in a comprehensive way.


As NDT tests are techniques that allow for quick detection of material discontinuities and accurate assessment of the condition of machines, devices (and their parts) and electronic components, they are one of the key elements of our production process.

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