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Parts manufacturing

Are you looking for a company that manufactures spare parts and components for industry?

Trust professionals with many years of experience and providing the highest quality to their customers!

The production of machine parts is our speciality!

As LHM, we offer comprehensive services for many industries. We focus on production for the offshore industry.


We produce welded structures that meet the requirements and standards of NORSOK, ASME and DNV.


We are holders of certificates ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 3834.


With modern equipment, we are able to produce the highest quality spare parts, made with maximum precision and on time. Our specialists stand out by their professionalism, knowledge of the industry and accuracy. Thanks to this, the production of machine parts is carried out in accordance with our motto “Quality on time”.

We have years of experience in parts manufacturing!

We have been producing parts for the underwater machinery industry since 2001.

The elements we produce include, among others:


  • • pressure, test and protective caps
  • • test caps
  • • ROV clamps
  • • guide cones
  • • axles with or without coverage

The production of spare parts is a process that we plan in every detail!

The production process of parts in our company is worked out in every detail. The unique production system that we have developed and implemented at LHM makes it possible to detect any problems as soon as they appear and at the same time inform customers immediately about changes in the delivery date.

How does the production of parts at LHM look like?

The production of machine parts involves many activities performed with the participation of both machines and specialists from LHM.

Milling, machining, CNC turning… Maximum accuracy is required at every stage of spare parts production. Thanks to this, the manufactured machine elements and sub-assemblies are most consistent with the documentation provided by Customers.
We manufacture parts from all kinds of materials, including:

stainless steel,

  • super duplex
  • duplex,
  • inconel,
  • titanium,
  • carbon steel,
  • plastic

In addition, we have a well-equipped quality control system with over 600 measuring instruments, including the Zeiss CMM machine with the working range of 1600 x 1000 x 600 mm.

We work only with the best, reliable suppliers!

We assume that we cannot afford making mistakes that cannot be fixed. That is why we work with suppliers who are punctual and reliable.

This is also thanks to them that our customers receive the highest quality in the shortest possible time.

Importantly, each of the key suppliers is regularly assessed in order to maintain the standards, regardless of the circumstances, to which we have already “accustomed” the companies cooperating with LHM.

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LHM offers the highest quality and reliability at every stage of production!

The production of parts is a very important element of our business. However, we offer our clients much more.

Our portfolio of services also includes such services as welding, CNC machining and non-destructive testing. Check out our full offer!

Customer satisfaction is our priority!

Regardless of the scope of cooperation, the satisfaction of our clients is our top priority!


We know perfectly well that it is influenced by many aspects and that is why we guarantee not only the highest quality products but also service that meets the expectations of even the most demanding clients.

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If you are looking for a proven business partner in the field of parts production, welding or non-destructive testing, contact us and we will be happy to prepare a personalized offer for you.