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Pressure tests

The production process in our company is multi-stage and includes all activities leading to the creation of the finished product.
Pressure tests are among the activities that are necessary if you want to offer customers the highest standard and products refined in every detail!
That is why they have been carried out in our company since 2003.

Pressure testing at LHM

At LHM, we are fully prepared to perform pressure tests. We have trained and professional staff, test stands and appropriate equipment to carry out tests above 2000 bar.

We offer various types of pressure tests

Tests performed by our experts cover many aspects. All this so that the installations or parts could be used in all conditions.


The parts we test include, among others,:

  • clamps,
  • clamp connectors with pressure caps,
  • pressure caps,
  • protective caps,
  • concentrators/hubs,
  • test caps,
  • seals.

We conduct non-destructive tests at all stages of production!

We conduct non-destructive tests at all stages of production!

At LHM, we invariably care about the highest quality of our products.


That is why we pay such great attention to conducting tests at every stage of production.


During the final inspection, the functionality of details is verified and confirmed by independent inspectors or persons delegated for that purpose by the customer.

The pressure tightness test of an installation or its individual elements means checking the correctness of connections between its parts and of the entire structure. Tightness tests vary depending on the type of installation material, so it is worth entrusting the tests to professionals.


At LHM, we have stands that allow us to carry out tests in various conditions.


Trust professionals – trust LHM!

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